One of my internships currently is with a start-up tech company based out of Columbia. The company specializes in a technology and app that maps out large plots of land. They have produced two apps, one of which is geared toward mapping for real estate while the other is geared toward hunting. Currently, their hunting app has over 1 million downloads and is #1 in the app store in its category.

For my internship I have been creating graphics and creatives for the company to use in presentations, social media, e-blasts, and promotional advertisements. Recently, I have been working on a media kit for the hunting app. I have created the app’s Facebook and Twitter cover photo, along with other graphics that will be used for a media blast. I finished these up a few days ago, and one of my bosses emailed me to say that the media could have over 10 million impressions! I have been excited about working “real world like” for a company, but am even happier to know that some of my work will be seen by so many people. I think this internship has helped me gain more knowledge and appreciation for what I am pursuing my degree in, and I can’t wait to create more graphics and ads in the future and through my professional career. 600x234

Hockney Photo Collage

For my black and white film class, we had an assignment where we had to research a photographer, and recreate their photographic style when we captured and developed our own photos. The artist I chose was David Hockney. Hockney is considered one of the most influential British artists of the century, and although he is an artist who’s mediums vary greatly, he is well known for the “photo collage” style he created.

To create the collages, Hockney would photograph his subject many times from different angles to get the perspective he wanted, but he would also develop his film and process it in many different apertures, filters, and focal lengths to get his desired effect. Then he would paste all the photos together to create the collage look.

In my first attempt, I photographed portraits of my roommate, but as with film, sometimes it doesn’t develop the way you want it to. So for my second go around, I used a negative of a high rise, and processed the same photo at different lengths and apertures to get different perspectives of the building. Like Hockney, I pasted the photos together in a collage, but I decided to take a more “abstract” effect with mine. I thought the final product came out surreal looking, but also similar to Hockney’s work.IMG_1299


This semester I fortunately have acquired three separate internships. Although three at once can get a little stressful at times, I hold on to the thought that they will be great resume builders. My internships are through a new, “upscale” bowling alley that opened in my hometown in Delaware, a new app and tech company in Columbia, and a Real Estate company here in Columbia. At each of these internships, I provide the companies with advertisements,  pamphlets, handouts, graphics, and media for whatever they need. Sometimes these graphics are for print, sometimes they are for web, but each project requires a specific look and feel to it. Occasionally, my bosses want specific images in their ads: “stock-esque” photos of a mountain range, or a skyscraper, or even a child playing laser tag. So where does one get these photos, you might ask, when it is sometimes impossible to take them yourself. The answer for me is Unsplash.

Unsplash is a website where photographers can upload high quality, high resolution images under the Creative Commons Zero license. In plain English, you can do whatever you want with the photos. For someone like me who needs specific stock photographs, this is the perfect place to get them. Other websites, like Adobe Stock for example, allow a member to use the stock photos (under a 500,000 print limit), unless you want to buy a license for $79.99 per photo. For a student, this is an astronomical price. So that’s what makes Unsplash so great; it’s free, the images are high res, and you don’t have to worry about licensing or legal fees. As a graphic design student, I would suggest this website to everyone; it’s helped me out a lot and allowed me to create graphics that are exactly to my liking.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 3.07.36 PM


Ft. Myer’s 2017 Shrimp Festival

For spring break I traveled to Ft. Myers, Florida for a few days. Ft. Myers could be described as a mixture between students at a college spring break destination and middle-aged to older couples who drink like they are in Key West. It was a very exciting few days, and luckily I was able to capture some photos at the annual Shrimp Festival; a Ft. Myers tradition.  The shrimp festival began early in the morning with a race and a parade that actually shut down the whole highway and bridge to get to the Isle of Ft. Myers. At around noon, people set up “tailgates” on the sidewalk and grilled, steamed, ate shrimp, and drank. I took photos at the Arts and Food fair in the shopping area of Ft. Myers. There were tons of vendors and craftsmen lined up and down the streets for a few blocks. The pictures below show some of the patrons and artisans having a great time at the festival.

Film Photography

This semester I am also taking a Black and White film photography class. I have never worked with film at all before, so the first couple of weeks of the class have been a bit of an experience. Shooting on a film camera is much different than a DSLR because after you take a photo, you are so inclined to look at the screen to see how it is going to turn out. With film you cannot obviously do that, so you have to really make sure that the aperture and shutter speed settings on the camera are correct.

I use a Nikon N80 with a 28 to 200mm lens. Since the camera is older, sometimes the auto/manual focus gets a bit messed up, but there are no problems with light leaks or exposure control. This photo I took with a Holga camera during the first week of the class. I tried to do a multiple exposure technique by shooting frames in between the each film section. I think the outcome ended up being pretty interesting, although there are some light leaks on the right side.

Since then, I have shot and developed around 4 rolls of film. The developing process is definitely something new that I enjoy learning about. Printing in the dark room is a little more difficult as using an enlarger and using the development chemicals is a long and tedious process. Nonetheless, I am still really enjoying this class and am learning a lot about the photography process.


              concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.

I have been a lover of the arts from a very young age. My mother took me to the Guggenheim before I was even a year old. I’ve seen art from all over the world, from Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, to Monet’s Waterlilies in the l’Orangerie, to Warhol’s Campbell Soup Cans in the MoMA. Modern art has always interested me more than classical, but both have influenced me in my own perceptions equally. I wouldn’t say I have always had a set aesthetic, but one that is always changing and evolving. Minimalist style however, is something that I have always been attracted to.

As a child of a family who lives and breathes real estate, the minimalism that I saw in new, modern, homes is what I fashioned my own room (and dream house) to look like. I moved into an older apartment on campus last semester and was able to put my personal aesthetic to good use. My room is mostly white; white bedding, walls, mirrors, etc. with a touch of “worn colors.” Of course, I couldn’t keep my room completely stark, so I added a collage of my favorite pictures that I love on my tumblr. I went through hundreds and hundreds of images to pick the ones that I thought would go best together, to express beauty, art, and emotion all at once.  Each photo or artwork is beautiful in itself, many showcasing the beauty of the human body and human emotion at the same time. But put together, I think it creates a work of art all on its own.


Tarot Cards

While my major at USC is through the journalism school, my photography minor is through the Art Department. My first studio art class was a graphic arts one last semester. I had already taken plenty of classes dealing with Photoshop and Illustrator so this class was a breeze for me.

For our final project, we had to make a deck of cards: 7 of the front and 1 of the back. I chose to do Tarot cards for my final. I don’t know too much about Tarot, but I became more interested in the art as I researched it. Tarot has a lot to do with life, and subsequently, death, so my theme for the deck was skeletons. I looked up many different examples and versions of each specific cards to gain influence for my own.

My favorite one is probably “The Lovers” because of the contrast of colors. I also liked that one because most Tarot “Lover” cards show a more “happy” image, while mine as it is based around skeletons and death show a more morbid love. It took me a decent amount of time to finish the deck and it was extremely tedious work, but I think the final product was pretty cool.